Sunrise and Sunset SurfFit wholeweek

If you think you enjoy going to the Gym you are one of two things,
1. A Liar
2. A Sociopath.
Either way, enjoy that. For the rest of you normies out there that want an alternative to moving heaving ass weights that obviously don't want to be moved, we have the solution for you.

Bondi Beach sunrise and sunset surf squad.

Get your key to access* our surfboard storage at Bondi Beach, and get down here for either or both of the two most magical parts of every day. Sunrise. and Sunset.

Feel the fresh ocean water and first glimpses of daylight pump you full of positive energy for a super productive day ahead.


Soak in the healing salt water as the last rays of suns heat disappears beyond horizon while you float your way back to reality and let the bullshit of the day that has just been wash away.

Or do both, who cares, you can do it, and you are getting great exercise while you do it.

Have you ever seen a fat surfer? Exactly.

Get some.

**You are welcome to the boards half an hour before sunrise, and 1 and a half hours after,
and 1 and a half hours before sunset and half an hour after.

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