Information about Rentalis


Get paid to share!

Have you ever bought something you thought you’d use more? Do you have a bunch of great stuff lying around the house taking up space? If you don’t want to sell it but don’t mind sharing, why not rent it out to make some extra cash? is an online community that helps you save money and the environment by renting things to and from people in your local area.

It's free to list items as Rentalis simply take a small commission when other users rent your items. So we don't get paid unless you do.

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Processing fees

Rentalis charges a fee of 5% for each transaction. If you chose to get paid using Paypal, please note you'll need a premier or business account and PayPal may include additional processing fees.

What if something happens to my item?

Rentalis use a rating system to encourage good renting behaviour. However, if you're renting something fragile we recommending taking a cash deposit from the rentee when the item is collected. PayPal also offer pretty good protection for both buyers & sellers.